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Little Big World

Hello my Lego Friends, i love to build Lego MOCs. I am a starter so I hope you be kind to me. I started this litte build by accident, I bought a Box of mixed used Lego and this came out of it :-)

My litte build is a mountinside on the see, but what is wrong here? The tiny house? The giant fish and carrot? And whats the deal of the statue driven in the stone? Who lives there? All this questions are never answerd, you decide whats going on there. 

I hope a few people enjoy my litte build and all I whant is a smile on your face when you look at my crazy world. What I always hope when I see nice little builds like mine is that Lego will take them and turn it into a set of five ore more nice littlle things to build. A Lego Ideas Ideas Box if you will. 

Greetings from Germany, Matthias is my Name. 

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