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Remote Controlled Gondola Lift


Innovative concept

This is a truly working nice little gondola lift that would fit every set up.
The cable would be easily adaptable in length and detachable, for example where the cabin is clamped. That way, you can use this set anywhere you want, from your table to your shelf, to link two tables, to climb a LEGO mountain, to link up a train layout on the floor and a LEGO city on a table, or to make it go up and down your stairs... The strength of this set is its amazing outreaching adaptability.

If you want to expand your display, or to make a massive one, no need to buy a ton of rails: just lengthen the cable!

Powered up

What really makes this set stand out is that it is fully functional. 
I've already built a prototype that worked perfectly. I was using the old Power Functions, indeed, I even used the train motor integrated into the bogie, as I only had that to my disposal.
The tension in the cable was taken up by the same set of pulleys as on this model, with the counterweight filled with coins.
Besides, I would like to work with the LEGO designers to create, in addition to the remote control, using the new programmable "Powered Up", an automatic mode where the cab would go up and down by itself, slowing down before the arrival etc.


It's great to play as it is remote controlled, you can have fun loading and unloading passengers etc. but all this is done without affecting from the aesthetics of the model. It has a truly outstanding display value as it moves and has this cute and detailed look. 
My design style is very cartoony and colorful, indeed, I capture elements of reality without looking for absolute realism. I idealize the scenes and try to put as many cute details as I can, while still maintaining a certain simplistic harmony.
3 minifigs are included: a skier, a hiker, and the operator/machinist.

Thank you for your support, and I really appreciate your great and kind comments!

By the way, I recommend you check out my friend's wonderful work:

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