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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Muggles and No-Maj rejoice! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is released!

This weighs less then 11 oz and is made of about 250 - 260 + 1 Minifigure
Looking at several options for legos as well as the book (script) front image many times over since it came out. Now I can finally reveal it to you. 
Minifigurine I created for this project was Cursed Child was Harry's son it was obvious that slytherin shirt had to be used with a black wand and brown pants.

I did use Lego Digital Designer for the nest, but was unable to create the wings in it until I found by BrinkLinks. So what you seeing are photographs of a fully built Harry Potter and the Cursed Child nest with black wings. No instructions at this time. 

This is my first submission and hopefully more on Lego Ideas.

So Please support and follow I hope you enjoy it!

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