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Hercules Poirot's Apartment

Let me introduce to you my digital MOC of Poirot's apartment from amazing TV series with Davit Suchet as Hercules Poirot. The model is based on the first version of the apartment.

As you can see there are 2 rooms and part of the corridor.
The first room is Miss Lemon's office. You will find there her desk, chair and a lot of document labels. If you look closer, you will also find some Easter eggs related to specific episodes, such as a golden clock, statue of a cat (I know, here it is a black chihuahua, but this is the best I could find in stud io), a typewriter and a lot of place for great prints (or stickers) with many great references.

The second room is Poirot's office and the living room. You will find there all important ornaments and furnitures from the show. I also left here some space for additional Easter eggs (like tiles on the table for monopoly game decorations or tile on desk for ABC timetable book). I wish that the small crocodile was available in stud io already, because it would be a great episode reference as well. This room might be displayed in 3 ways:
  • completely closed;
  • with removed wall;
  • split into 2 separate areas for easier display.

This system creates 3 different ways to display the set and allows you to represent your favourite camera angle from the TV show.
I've selected 4 minifigures important for the first few seasons of the show: Hercules Poirot (with a glass of his favourite herbs), Arthur Hastings, inspector Japp and Felicity Lemon.
I've also added a 6x6 tile for additional print with the name of the show.
The complete model consist of 2315 pieces and was created with usage of stud io.
I hope you like it. Thanks!

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