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Half-Timbered House

This set features a half-timbered house with a bike shop located in the ground floor. The half-timbered home has traditional details, including lots of window boxes, a wide balcony, and red tile roof. I've always loved the building sets (like the green grocer and hotel/cafe) that have a European feel, and I wanted to make something that would fit in nicely with them. Since half-timbered buildings are common in Europe, I figured one was needed in the Lego collection.

The bike shop is tucked into the building's stone foundation. Inside, a mechanic works at his station next to a garage-style door. The cobble stone courtyard in front provides space for bikes as well as a bike pump for customers. The big tree acts as a message board for the neighborhood.

The half-timbered house has a living area and loft bedroom. The house next door has three floors of living space, with a ground floor kitchen, second floor living room, and third floor bedroom.

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