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The Flower Seller


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The Flower Seller - based on the flower carts and stalls seen in many market towns and cities in the UK and Europe. I think this would be a great addition to a Lego City and a fun little display model.

The model features eight bunches of flowers in six different colours which of course can be mixed in different patterns. In addition to the cart there is a small display set up in front which shows off three of the flowers and a plant to the passing trade. Even though the cart itself is fairly traditional the flower seller isn't afraid of modern technology - there is touch screen cash register at the front end of the cart! 

The minifigure has a blue overall to keep clean, but ideally I would like this to be a green apron! The flower seller is holding a bunch of flowers and some cash from the sale she has just made to a fellow Lego City citizen.

This is my first upload to the Lego Ideas website, and I will appreciate any support it gets!

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