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Modular Police Station


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Crack down on crime with this modular police station and keep your Lego village safe. with this model i tried to break away from the typical Lego police station with glass walls and a helipad in favor of a more traditional small town station. this model will fit into any collectors modular village. however, this will not" blend in" with its architecture and distinct character.

More pictures are available on my facebook page to show every detail head over to creations and check them out. also, look at my other work and leave plenty of feed back

this model includes five mini-figures and two motorcycles to patrol the streets. set is completely interactive and you can stage your own made for TV drama. the five figures intended to be included are; (from left to right) a lab technician, patrol officer (male), on-duty supervisor, patrol officer (female), and of course a detainee.

model is like any other modular design and is intended to "break down" into three pieces; roof, second floor, and base floor. the roof features a decorative architectural top for the facade of the structure. the second floor consists of three "rooms" a crime lab ,office space, and of course the interrogation room with a mirrored viewing wall. the base floor consists of two rooms and features such as; detailed entrance, decorative facade, two traditional old style holding cells, a booking station here the detainee is photographed and logged, and a large front desk complete with dispatch station and computer for taking down all those reports.

here is a provided "break-away view of the first floor. shown is the cell-block room with area for holding cells and that infamous mug shot area, moving into the central entrance you can see the "watch-commanders" desk complete with dispatch station, computer, and telephone. there is also seating and a staircase with railing leading to the second floor.

shown here is a break-away view of the second floor. from left to right is the intended lab area, office space, and interrogation room. this model features a unique lab where you can imagine the day away processing ll that evidence brought in off the street, perfect for showing kids the often overlooked side of police work. move into the office area where your officers interview citizens, take reports, and handle their day-to-day paperwork. then finally question your suspects in the mirrored interrogation room and catch that big break in the case. with this model anyone young or old can enact or create their own big case like you would see on popular television shows and movies and provides endless hours of playtime, imagination, or just plain old visual enjoyment

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