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Megalodon Creator Shark

This is a very unusual cross between a Megalodon and A T-Rex. I originally meant this as a brick-built shark, but I noticed that it had a T-Rex Head. I do admit, I went a wee bit overboard on its head. Please Support this set! I will post a special DC Universe project when I get 75 followers! SUPPORT OR NOW FOR FACE THE WRATH OF THE MEGALODON CREATOR SHARK!!!

Coming Soon:

Megalodon Creator Shark Build #2

Megalodon Creator Shark Build #3

Thanks for helping me reach 4 supporters!

Thanks for all the support!

4.22.12 - 3 supporters

5.20.12 - 4 supporters

5.28.12 - 5 supporters

8.5.12 - 6 supporters

8.27.12 - 7 supporters

10.18.12 - 8 Supporters

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