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Fishermans Hut

Islands are fascinating and there is something very cozy about fisher huts too. This set was inspired by my son who has so many ideas we never get to build them all together. When on a vacation on the seaside we came across a small fisher hut. Not exactly like this one, but it was the spark needed to create this set.
This set is the home of a fisherman Knut, who loves his solitude and collects things the sea washes ashore. Hence he also got something funny like a knight's armor in his full furnished hut. The roof can be taken off so one can really play with Knut. This set is a little world of it's own one can play with. It has lots of details and story hidden in it that makes it a feast for the eye.
The boat and the furniture of the house with the teapot and cup and all the other things is a perfect little playhouse with many movable parts.
Inspiration also was added by the way my kids play with Lego and how they get engulfed in sets that leave room for their own stories and fantasy. Like Knut's little fisher hut here, who is going out with his fishing rod every morning to catch the best fish of the day and brings in his catch with his little boat.
Knut loves to have a cup of tea under his cherry tree and watches the sunset after a hard days work. He cooks his meals on his stove and sleeps soundly in his cozy bed. 

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