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The Tipsy Troll Tavern

Andor is a boardgame that takes place in a fantasy world. Every player choses a charakter and as a team they defeate the game.

The the tipsy troll tavern is one of the mayor places in the world of Andor. It is a half timbered building, the community center of the farmers and the place to have a feast after Vakur is once again defeated.
On top of that, the website for andor fans: is named after the tavern.

The minifigures in the tavern are
  • Orfen the wolf warrior (with the grey cape)
  • Chada the archer (with the green cape)
  • A local farmer
  • Brogg the dwarf (with the orange shirt)
  • Gilda the owner

You can read the story about the beginnings of tavern hier:

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