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Collectible Spaceship Models

This spaceship, the Nebula-class rocket is the first in the Collectible Spaceship Models series that focuses on cool-looking, sturdy models that aren't necessarily just a playset.

I often wish that there were more Lego sets that I could build and then display as a impressive model. So, I created this project to make a series of sets that would appeal to Lego fans about 12+ years old who may still like Legos but have outgrown playing with the little minifigs and unfolding playsets. I have just finished the 2nd set and the pictures will be uploaded shortly!

I submitted this model to the 2011 Master Builder's Academy Spaceship Building Challenge and it won!

Note to Lego: I know that you guys want cuusoo to be a place for just one model and not series of sets, so I made sure that this project could be produced as a series, but if that cannot be done, an individual set can be chosen.

Here is the first set at all the angles:

Front view

The front of the rocket also detaches to make a landing shuttle. This set does not fit minifigs, but future sets will be minifig scale and have cockpits.

The second set in the series: the space pirate raider!
This ship is a heavily armed and armored fighter that is bristling with weapons such as 2 rocket launchers, laser cannons, unfolding homing missile, turret, and even more missiles.

The front missiles might appear to be flick-fire. However, seeing as I despise flick-fire missiles, since they never actually work, these missiles are only for decoration. Flicking them is not their intended purpose. If there is someone out there who can actually get them to go as far as they do in the commercials, then go ahead and flick-fire to your heart's content. Also, please comment if you do actually know the secret. If there is one, that is.

Sorry about the ranting, but it's my pet peeve.

The set also includes a tank-like hatch with the pirate captain inside with many control panels. Behind him on the back of the ship is an opening cargo hatch. The captain can be positioned either in the control room or standing up to man the turret. However, going with the model theme, it is recommended that you insert the minifig in one position and build the rest of the set around it.

Inside the cockpit is the pirate pilot. Again, you put him in and then build the cockpit around him.

This is the full pirate crew. From left to right, they are the henchman, captain, and pilot. each has their own weapons and each has some robot part. The henchman has a robot leg, the captain has a cyborg face, and the pilot has a robot arm. Notice how each weapon goes along with the character, like how the pilot has accurate harpoons and the captain has a pistol and spyglass. The henchman just has a machine gun, because he is just a henchman.

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