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Old Town Hall

What is it?
My set represents the Old Town Hall in Toruń. It's one of the largest brick buildings of that kind in Europe. 

Why this building?
I think that this structure is very impressive. The Town Hall was erected in the Gothic style at the end of the 14th century. It has an impressive tower which was additionally raised and was crowned with a pointed-helmet spire. It is modeled on the best examples of the Flanders architecture. It's one of the most recognizable buildings of Toruń's Old Town, and it's inscribed on the UNESCO national heritage list. You can also spot the Nicolaus Copernicus' statue in front of the structure. He was one of the best astronoms in the world's history. The idea of building this structure has always been on my mind. I come from Toruń and I live here, so it was also additional motivation to build it from LEGO bricks for me. I built it in LEGO microscale. 

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I believe this would be a great LEGO set. It is very original, and it's iconic for The Toruń Town. Most of the postcards and souvenirs from Toruń Town presents the Old Town Hall.

How did you make it?
I used Bricklink's Studio to build it.

LEGO parts count: 1243.

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