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The Metal Maniac Secret Lab


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This is the first appearance of Fire-blade and Ice-man! Fire-blade and Ice-man are part of the Council of Heros (more sets will be released soon) and work to protect people all over the world. The villain in this set is The Metal-maniac. The Metal-maniac is trying to clone himself and he is succeeding. The two Heros must work together to stop the villain before it is to late,and if they fail...all the world will become slaves to The Metal-maniac!!. This set includes: Ice-man,Fire-blade,The Metal-maniac,two evil clones and The Maniac's secret lab. Inside the lab is the cloning machine and the computers and power sources for the machine. The power sources are crystals mined out of the nearby mountains. This would make an epic set because of the new heros and villains in the set. Also there is some pieces in colors that they have never been made in before. Hope you Guys like it!