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Radioactive Beast Ziroxo


Introducing my first real-lego (Not LDD) project — The Radioactive Beast Ziroxo! (With some other beasts that are not radioactive.)

The essential idea for this project was to create something small, awesome, and fun, because the truth is that while kids (or me) are playing with legos, it is the giant vehicles, unrelated buildings and random, ugly minifigures that typically don't get used.

But this set would change that!
Rather than being huge with tons of minifigures (or tons of useless vehicles), this set (or series of sets) would feature one awesome, mini build-able figure and probably a related minifigure to go along with it, (Such as Dr. Vladimir—represented here by a minifigure with a Vladek helmet) along with some related accessories. (such as, say, a radioactive testing table or something)

This set would feature Ziroxo, the Radioactive Beast (seen in the first picture), and additional sets would feature other characters Such as Laertes (the one with the red eye) and Viraz (the white, spider-like one) probably with minifigures to go with them. It should be noted that some of these have printed pieces (like Ziroxo's wings) that are from previous sets—and these would either be replaced by new, custom motifs, or would not be printed at all.

These sets would be perfect for play or for display. I know because they have been play-tested and have amazing characters for non-minifigure models. They would be a great addition to lego's arsenal of products—and perhaps even a new series of products.

Please support if you would like to see this as a real lego set!

Now, for those of you who would like to know more about the beasts, here I will add a bit of info:

Dr. Vladimir was part of a project to create genetically-modified, friendly and kid safe pets. (For example, cats without claws or parrots that don't bite) but had different intentions—and Ziroxo was created. A genetically-modified chicken, he is kept alive by radioactive gamma rays running through his body (via the string element connected to his head) and Vladimir used his power to inflict his revenge upon the people of that world. Of course, Ziroxo was an innocent creature and had no desire to use his power for harm—and since then has been traveling from world to world in search of a place he belongs. Vladimir, disappointed with his first creation, then created Laertes and Viraz in hopes of obtaining a slightly more committed weapon of mass destruction.

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