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The Office US: Dunder Mifflin


One of the most classic TV shows ever, The Office is hardly a show that will be quickly forgotten.  Its quirky characters, hilarious situations, and relatable experiences are perhaps just a few of the reasons it is so memorable.  After watching the show in its entirety (and then rewatching it all AGAIN), I figured, what better way to honor the beloved show then with a Lego set? 

Early on in the building process, I decided not to make the entire set of the Dunder Mifflin office simply because, as fun as that would have been to make, it would have been much too many pieces to be a viable set.  So I decided to create the corner of the office that is home to perhaps the five most iconic characters in the show (all of whom are included as minfigures in the set): Jim Halpert, Pam Beasley, Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, and Erin Hannon.  The set also includes spaces to expand if you would like to create the rest of Dunder Mifflin out of your own parts!

The final set is around 650 pieces and includes the five minifigures listed above!  Please support if you'd like to see an Office Lego set (I know I would!)  Tell friends, family, even tag the actors from the show in social media posts if you feel so obliged! Really, it can't hurt, and we need all the help we can get if we want an Office set that is on shelves!! 

As Michael Scott would say, ""'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take' ~Wayne Gretsky"~Michael Scott" :)


P.S. I will be updating as time goes on with minfigure mockups, various easter eggs from across the show's nine seasons, and perhaps my own completed version of the Dunder Mifflin office :) *(however this would not be included in the original proposal)

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