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Wildlife Lodge 2


Wildlife Lodge 2

It’s still springtime at the wildlife lodge, but more flowers are blooming and more animals are around in this revised version of my earlier submission, Wildlife Lodge. It has several common features, but mostly new ones. It now has 2 stories, and an open back for playability. Inside, the couch is still there, but there is a new fireplace and an added kitchen. This kitchen contains a sink with bubbles and a scrub brush, a jar, a cup, and an oven with a stovetop, frying pan, and egg. There is a ladder on the right wall, which leads up to a second story, where the two minifigures can sleep on a large bed. The whole house has a slightly larger floor plan, and outside there is a another more 8 studs worth of forest, containing a river, trees, and many animals. The bird, now with a nest, the beaver, the bunny, the fish, who now has a friend, the duck, now with 2 ducklings, the frog, the dog, and the new turtle, all live in this area. The lumberjack also has a new 4-wheeler, still not great, but better than the old one and in now in new colors. Overall this build now has about 650 pieces and took half a week to build. 

Favorite Parts/Challenges

My favorite part of this is definitely the bird’s nest. I wanted it to be small, yet big enough to hold the bird. I tried many attempts, but most of them were too big. This created a challenge, but ended in me creating my favorite part of the model. The other thing I really like about this is the texture below the countertops in the kitchen. The biggest challenge was either the vehicle or trying to build this with limited bricks. If I had to rate myself-I would say that I am the worst at building vehicles. However, this one turned out ok, although it is a little bigger than I would have wished. The other hard thing for me was the limited amount of brown and green bricks. They are my favorite colors to build with, and I had used most of them when I made this. 

Other Notes

  • I am not sure if the bricks for the bunny are available in white. I just painted them since I did not have those bricks in white in my collection.
  • If this creation gets 10K I had an idea that perhaps a sticker with a face on it could be added to the beaver.
  • My other version of this lodge is still able to be supported, so go check it out, along with my other lodge-the ski lodge, and my RV+campground idea.
  • All stickers and body parts are not new-they are all from other LEGO sets.

Thanks for your support and please spread the word,

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