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Spore Space Stage


This set is modeled after a popular game called Spore. Spore is based on the theory of evolution. In the game you start as a cell then advance to creature, then Tribal, then civilization, and finally Space stage. My set is created to be the Space stage.


This set is a highly detailed Grox's space stage. The  set includes three detailed characters, (that are not Minifigures.) two Grox Soldiers and Commander Gary,(these characters are in the set to add to your spore collection, and the micro-figures are to play with the set) it also includes six detailed micro-figure characters, four Grox Soldiers, a Grox Commander and Commander Gary. It is the perfect set for any Spore fan. With accurate detail great functions and 1,107 pieces this set is a must have!


1. A Grox Stacks Building

2. A Spice Geyser

3. A Grox Spaceship

4. A Grox Spice Vehicle And Balloon

5. Three Detailed Characters

6. Six Detailed Micro-Figures

7. Many Different Accessories And Cool pieces


1. Three Spice Boxes

2. Six Micro-Figures

3. Two Metallic Plants

4. Different Types Of Medical Tools

5. Two Grox Guns

6. Gary's Bladed Knuckles

7. Two Grox Communications Devices



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