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The Lord of The Rings Green Dragon


Green Dragon is Hobbit's favorite bar in The Shire. They celebrate life with music and their favorite food and drinks in the bar. 

This set belongs to The Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit theme.

This set has 9 minifigures and 982 pieces including minifigures and their accessories.

This set also has 2 of brick-build pipes.

This set also has 3 inside rooms:

-Kitchen (where Rosie the waitress serves drinks also)

-Room with desks where Hobbits dance on

-And dining room

There are also removable back walls to have better look on the inside.

Minifigures are:

-Bilbo Baggins (old version)

-Frodo Baggins




-Rosie Cutton (the waitress and Sam's future wife)

-And 3 other Hobbits

Please support this project if Yo want it in Your own Middle Earth collection.

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