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Nexo Knights Siege Tower Tank


About This Project

This is the Siege Tower Tank that the Nexo Knights use to lay siege to their enemies bases. It is perfect for getting the knights over enemy castle walls. The cockpit is located on the first floor of the tower. the second has Clay's sword loading station and room for a knight. The third floor has room for a knight in the middle behind the folding ramp as well as two towers with room for a knight in and on the towers. I built a mini bot for Merlock 2.0 to join the fight and help the knights. Merlock 2.0 has a stud shooter on one hand and a sword for the other.

Play Features:

  • Tank treads work.
  • Ramp on the third floor can fold up/down as needed.
  • Steering wheel on first floor turns.


  • Five Nexo Knight minifigures with weapons and Merlock 2.0 mechbot.

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