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Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts is a game series that is close to my heart (pun intended). It combines some of my favourite franchises into one amazing universe filled with wonder and magic. 

I used the modern appearances of Sora, Kairi and Riku. I have chosen Minidolls for the figs since I think that style closely matches the look and feel of Kingdom Hearts. And also because the Disney Princess theme has already done a remarkable job providing many characters that also exist within the Kingdom Hearts world. 

At its surface Kingdom Hearts is a story about Light vs Dark, however there is a vast amount of lore and story intricacies that even the most devoted fan may not know. I do not claim to be an expert myself, so I have built what I consider to be some recognizable items and symbols from the game. 

I have built Keyblades used by Sora, Riku and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 3. These are brick-built and slightly enlarged for display purposes.

The numbers 7 and 13 hold important meaning throughout the series. The base is inspired by the Master of Masters’ chest complete with 13 locks. The top is the iconic chess board Xehanort and Eraqus are often seen playing. Each side has 7 pieces representing the warriors of light and dark. Can you identify the characters each piece represents?

With the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts 4 the series is as strong as ever and continues to expand its fanbase. I believe this is the perfect time for the series to be adapted into LEGO! Please consider supporting and sharing this project to help make it a reality!

May your heart be your guiding key â¤ï¸

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