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Detailed Minifig-Scale LADA Niva!

Here is my LEGO rendition of the LADA Niva, a popular Russian car. This detailed replica has many authentic features from the actual car, including the classic headlights, the bumper, and the dashboard. 

To increase playability, I designed the roof to be removable so minifigure passengers can easily be put inside. The vehicle accommodates two LEGO minifigures with a luggage space in the rear.

With your help, this car could become an awesome LEGO set! Since it is a small car in real life, I made my LEGO Niva adhere closely to the dimensions of the original, making it smaller than the current, usually 8-stud-wide Speed Champions sets, but still with a considerable amount of space inside.

If you like this LEGO creation, please support it and check out my other builds too! Every supporter counts to for making this idea into an official LEGO set, so please tell everyone you can to support it so it reaches the 10,000 votes it needs!

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