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The Coal Mine 1968


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"The Coal Mine 1968"

Here is a simple modular Mine Shaft I created that can be either for display or be linked together to create a longer span of tunnels in different directions for use in your Lego City/Town Projects.

Model has Aprox 450 parts.

The Photos came out a bit dark due to it being underground ;) But hope you get the idea :)

This Model could include:-

  • 2 Mini Figures with Miners Helmets.
  • a Working Mine cart with coal.
  • 2 miners lamps that hang on wall.
  • Lots of Tools .i.e Sledge Hammers, Drills, Pick Axes, Shovels. etc
  • Dynamite.
  • Rock face can be made to break away with Dynamite.
  • Hanging down wood planks from mine shaft ceiling.
  • Hose pipes on floor of mine shaft etc.
  • 2 rats to keep the miners company :)
  • Lots of coal lying around.
  • "The Coal Mine 1968" Sign can be removed if required in a Lego City/Town Build!

I think this would look great on display in honour of all the hard working people that do this very dangerous job.

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