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Custom 1995 Scania T-Cab

This is a MOC. It has many features that a normal everyday lorry will have. It has an air suspended tag axle, flashing grill and roof beacon bar, very bright head and roof white head lights, side red wind deflector lights, rear lights, it steers and drives by 1x servo motor and 2x XL motors, 3x IR sensors, 3x battery boxes, 16 sets of lights, a working V8 engine with cooling fan and a working 5th wheel! There will be a video on YouTube soon under  'MOC 1995 Scania T-Cab' so please feel free to see her in action :)  I think this will be a great LEGO set as I think it's the first that has a working beacon bar and is really detailed in the mechanics of what a lorry does :)  I built it as I'm a huge fan of trucks :)

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