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Prehistoric Elephants


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This set contains 3 articulated models:

  • a moeritherium
  • a platybelodon
  • a deinotherium

The moeritherium is the smallest model and lived like a hippopotamus. It was a primitive genus of elephants.

The platybelodon has two shovel-like tusks in its lower jaw and lived after the moeritherium.

The deinotherium is the largest model and the largest primitive elephant to be discovered.

This set contains 538 pieces (excluding spare bricks). It would be like the 'Creator' sets and there would be instructions for the 3 models. I will include more models in the updates in addition to these. The project would appeal to lego fans of all ages.

Thank you for looking at my project. Please support, follow and share it if you like it.

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