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Master of the Sea

This classic game in a Caribbean style, will give you the choice between 3 teams represented by classic Lego minifigures, the blue, the red and the pirates.
The grid is deliberately small (8x8) to give the youngest access to the game. (which becomes complicated on too large a grid)

This set is composed of 2 boards, a storage box, 3 x 3 ships, 3 minifigures, 80 white's pawns and 35 red's pawn.

Each teams are composed of 3 ships, 2 3 and 4 squares. Each game board contains the 2 grids necessary for a game and place to store the tokens.

Each element folds up for easy and safelty storage.

Chest: W:17cm L:16cm H:14cm
Board: W:20cm L:24cm H:7cm (closed) nearly 30cm (open)

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