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A Lovely Life

My lego creation is of a woman and a man who is living a lovely life. They are bored and decide to go and get flowers to plant! Sometimes the couple would nap, eat their cupcakes, or some popcorn! I built this so people can see what it is like in reality. Although the house is a little bit small there is always room for improvement. People might think this is boring but personally, I think it contains all the things you would need for a perfect Lego set: A car, a house, food, technology, and plants.
 I believe this would make a great Lego set because It is pretty easy (with instructions) to build, number one, and who doesn't like an easy lego set? Well, maybe the experts... This lego set would be very helpful to beginners. I remember when I was in maybe the first grade I got a super fun lego set. However, It was a little hard. This lego set wouldn't be too hard for little kids!  My lego set took me quite a long time to finish because of how particular some of the legos are. I definitely would buy something like this if I saw it! This is why I think that my lego set should be selected to be a real lego set!

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