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Carousel Flying Seats


The carousel flying seats is a famous attraction of amusement park. The carousel is made by a motorized supporting central column, able to rotate on itself. At the top there are 8 seats hooked by long chains. On the floor there is the ticket office with it’s man, and on a side the pole with a leaning trophy, which must be catched by the participants sitting in the seats. The game is full of colours and lights tipical of an amusement park. I built this game because i think it’s an attraction that cannot be missing in any amusement park.


  •  2930 pieces,including 9 minifigures,1 trophy
  • the carousel
  • the support for the trophy 
  • engine and remote control
  • Lego function power
  •  Dimension of the game 48x48 H 26

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