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City Mobility Bus

This is a model of a bus used for city, county and metro area mobility programs. These programs help individuals whose disabilities, illnesses, or age has prevented them from driving. The side access door opens and closes. The rear doors open to allow a fold down ramp for wheelchair access. Three minifigures are included, the bus driver, a senior and a young man in a wheelchair. The wheelchair has a fun and compact new design. All three people included fit in the bus seating area. This bus includes a snappy blue and yellow color scheme.

I created the wheelchair first. The design was meant to be a more modern and cool looking LEGO wheelchair. I modeled it after a friend’s wheelchair.  But the wheelchair minifigure needed something more to be a set. I decided the mobility bus used by my friend would be a good fit. So, the initial reason I built this bus was to feature the new wheelchair design and to have a set that a wheelchair could interact with.

This would be a perfect LEGO set! Its size makes it a very approachable build. The multiple movable doors, folding ramp and removable roof allow many opportunities for the minifigures to work with the model. It moves, always a fun feature in a toy. This bus would work well with city, town and creator sets. And finally, there is a fun color scheme without the need of stickers. This would make an awesome LEGO set!

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