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The Indomitable Village...

This is the village in Armorica, northern Gaul, that has frustrated Julius Caesar's dreams of conquest for so long.
I built it because I have loved Asterix stories since I was a boy and have now introduced my son, Billy, to them.  He loves these stories perhaps more than I did!  I wanted to make him a little something to go with his burgeoning book collection.
We have been making all sorts of Lego sets recently and I thought I would share this representation of the Gaulish village that is holding out against the invaders...
Cacophonix's tree house, the quarry where Obelix makes the menhirs, a stream with bridge, and a selection of huts comprise this little build.
I think something like this would make a great set because, with a little imagination, a little can be transformed into a lot and become a recognisable image (I hope!).  That is, after all, Lego in a nutshell!

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