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Gotham Nursery School


Believe it or not, this is a Batman set!

It's an experiment inspired by the TV series "Gotham", narrating the youth of Batman's world characters.
I tried to go further back, imaging Bruce Wayne and the villains living their childhood together in the Gotham Nursery School, with the adorable old teacher Miss Arkham (a pedagogist, cousin of the most famous psychiatrist Doc. Arkham).
The set is also inspired to Lego Set "Arkham Asylum Breakout", with a similar settlement, and with a little tribute to that wonderful set inside.
The set is composed by:
- The Nursery School (with six placements for the platforms with characthers'toys)
- The gate (providing a secret exit for a baby breakout)
- Many accessories: The toy Rocket car (inspired to the most famous TV Batmobile), a Toy Fire Truck, a Dollhouse (inspired to the Arham Asylum building...), a duck with a black umbrella, and many others little particulars...
- The minifigures: every minifig is characterized by his/her favourite toys, a clue of what villain (or hero) they will become in the future... Discover them in the pictures...
All characters are easily detachable with their own platform and platforms are interchangeable into the Nursery School.

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