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The Time Machine


Thank you for the independent reviews

Hi all. It's literally been months since I had an opportunity to promote or spend time on The Time Machine. Work has been unprecedented during his time - stay safe.

Two big thank you's to Gab for an independent YouTube review and Phoebe for a lovely write up in the Steampunk Journal. 


1,000 in just over a month

This is so cool and reached 1,000 on my birthday too! Thank you everyone who has supported The Time Machine so far. We achieved the 1,000 milestone in just over a month which is fantastic.  More so given it’s not a recent IP and have done far less promotion than I should, so reaching this on pretty much merit alone is awesome. 

The response on social media has been overwhelming, and a big shout out to thousands of Likes and hundreds of supportive comments received (just a few on the picture above - hope you can read some). On the flip side, this has also been a learning curve too on ‘converting support’. As much as people love it, they don’t realise, or found it prohibitive, to create an account (link stats/feedback, it's a huge amount lost!) and yes some people are unfortunately time poor too (now if only they had a Lego time machine!). So I really do appreciate the support so far and welcome the next 9,000 supporters!  

I'll start promoting this more so will see how the next milestone goes. And thank you to everyone who has been sharing the idea out there too. 

Thank you again and please don’t forget to click the ‘Share’ link. 


New Video - rotating mirror assembly

Using whatever parts were available, I have created a working model of the rotating mirror assembly.


  • Different color pieces were used to build it
  • Mirrors should use elbow #4 however hard to come by (hence used elbow #3's)
  • Is on a test stand
  • I'm not a cinematographer ;-)


Gold... Yellow... Gold... Yellow

I have received a couple of feedback indicating Lego would not create a set with so many gold peices, so I thought I'd do a quick update on the subject.

The feedback may be true, and while Lego Ideas do indicate they might be willing to recolor peieces for a set, I'm ok with any colour. The design originally started out in common yellow and later decided to complete the design being faithful to the machine in the movie.

Irrespective, while I prefer the gold, I have attached a photo how the set would look using common yellow peices and it still looks great.

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