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Sherlock: 221b Baker Street


This Lego model is based on "Sherlock", the most famous TV drama series.

Many creators have already expressed "Sherlock" with Lego model, but I felt that most of Lego models are in studio type and focused to characters.

So to be placed with modular series, I built the Sherlock's boarding house to Lego modular scale.
(The building width and connection is same with 10218.)

If you find "Speedy's Sandwich Bar & Cafe" in google map, you can find the BBC drama Sherlock's boarding house.

The ground floor is modeled as a restaurant. shown in season 3, episode 1.

And the 1st floor is modeled as Sherlock's living room.

The 2nd floor is modeled as Mrs. Hudson's living room.
(Unfortunately I didn't find the proper reference, so I made them depending on my imagination.)

Please enjoy my creation.

Best regards,

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