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The Addams Family Mystery Mansion

Welcome in the fabulous atmoshere of the Addams Family ! 

Inspired by the Addams family 1964 TV show, this project including a mystery mansion full of mysteries and seven minifigures.
Well, I created the Addams Family Mansion with this iconic shape, the outside of the building including lot of windows, an elegant roof, an entrance and a chimney.
The inside of the manor is also full of details, with the large living room and a greenhouse in the first floor, a bedroom, a library and a train track model in the second level and additional accessoiries in the loft.

included in this project seven minifigures: Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday-Friday, Pusgley Uno, Grandma, uncle fester, Lurch, Grandmama and the Thing.

Enjoy this project !

Disneybrick 55 

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