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Mork and Mindy: Mork's Egg Spaceship


This is my second project so far and it's an idea I had after seeing and watching Mork and Mindy, the funny sitcom of an alien named Mork from a planet called Ork landing on Earth and befriending a woman named Mindy.  Robin was so funny and talented as Mork, he really made the show!  Him and Pam Dawber were the perfect television-duo together!  I've watched so many episodes where Robin would be so goofy and funny as Mork, I would be crying out tears of laughter from there on.

This set includes

  • A minifigure of Mork
  • A minifigure of Mindy
  • Mork's helmet
  • The egg-shaped ship Mork came from Ork on
  • And an egg for Mork to hold in his hand
  • A LEGO set of trees to replicate the the scene where Mork lands on Earth in Boulder, Colorado
  • Mindy's iconic blue Jeep that she drives around in on the show with her buddy Mork.

       In the set, you can open the egg-ship and put Mork inside it.

Anyone who is a fan of Robin Williams and Mork and Mindy would definitely love to have this in their LEGO collection.

If you think this would be a great LEGO set, please support it.

Thanks for reading and Nanu-Nanu!


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