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Lego Batman Mr Freeze's Meltdown

Lego Batman Mr Freeze Meltdown I made this set because I love batman,

Mr Freeze has teamed up with Captain Cold! Night Wing, The Flash and Bat Girl have been sent out to find Mr Freeze and Captain Cold. Finally after days they stumble across Mr Freeze's lair. Freeze leaves Cold to kill Nightwing, The Flash and Bat-girl. Mr Freeze goes to his secret lab with one press of a button part of the ice moves and behind it is his secret lab and behind the glass Nora Fries. On the left a vast amount of cures and on the right technology keeping Nora alive. After the heroes take out Captain Cold, Mr Freeze escapes in his Freeze-buggy.

This set includes 6 minifigures including TWO exclusive figures: Nora Fries and Captain Cold. The other figures are Mr Freeze, The Flash, Batgirl and Nightwing. It also contains special features such as a sliding door, opening exit hatch and Nora Fries' pod that opens.
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All the figures with the set together.

Lifting door for exit with the getaway car.

Rotating door leading to lab and Nora Fries' opening pod.

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