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Modular Mad Scientist's Lab


About This Project:

This project is my modular mad scientist's laboratory. The lab has two floors and can open in half for easy access to the inside of the lab. Both halves of the top floor can be removed for easy access inside each area of the lab. I tiled the floor on both floors of the lab with matching purple and white tiles with lots of options for attaching minifigures. The outside of the front of the lab has a sidewalk and a detailed exterior of the building front. Beside the front door in the computer for putting in your password to access the lab. Inside the lab on the first floor is the main lab with the mad scientist's experimental transformation station for splicing minifigures with insects or animals. His first attempt is with fly serum to make Fly Guy, the half minifigure half fly guy. He also has some controls and some tools beside that and his work table with some tools and a microscope as well as some lunch. Above that on the wall is a shelf with some books and lots of different formulas he is working on. Above the shelf on the wall is the air purifier/conditioner. Above the front door is another shelf with a plant experiment, some formulas, and an action figure. Also on the first floor is the mad scientist's apprentice's robotics lab where she is working on bringing her robot to life. She has a bookshelf under the staircase with books, a radio, and some formulas on it. Also under the stairs is a barrel of chemicals and an old newspaper. Beside the transformation station is her charge station where her robot is strapped to the charge table waiting to be activated. The table can be tilted back and forth as needed and the charge dish can be lowered and raised as needed. Her work table is on the other side of the front door. Her table has a microscope with slides, some cookies, a mug, a jug of hot coco, and a spare robot head. Above that on the wall is a shelf with some extra eyeballs and some formulas of her own. Above that on the wall is another air purifier/conditioner. On one side of the inside of the front door is a special microwave oven he designed for reheating his food especially pizza. On the other side of the front door is a mini fridge to keep samples cool that need to be kept cool with some more formulas and another spare robot head on top. Up the stairs is the second floor which is a greenhouse where the mad scientist does all his various plant based experiments. There is his small work table with an experimental mushroom growing beside it. On the work table is some fast food, some formulas, and an experiment. Above the stairwell is a storage tank. The wall above the stairwell can open/close for access inside. Beside the work table is a dresser with a computer on top. Beside that is the door for access to the roof. Beside the door is a couple of experiments. in the corner beside the plant guys experiment is a coffee machine and a blender for making drinks. Beside that is some computers for controlling the various experiments variables. Beside that is some tools and another experiment. The glass section of the greenhouse roof can opened and closed for access inside. The other section of the greenhouse roof can be completely removed for easy access inside. On top of that section is a satellite dish. On the rest of the roof is a large solar energy collection and storage experiment that they use to power their experiments. 

Play Features:

  • Building is modular in design in that both halves of the top section can be removed for access inside.
  • Building can open/close in half for easy access inside.
  • Wall above the stairs can open/close for access inside.
  • The greenhouse glass roof can open/close for access inside the building.
  • The other section of greenhouse roof can be removed for access inside.
  • Solar panels can spin 360 degrees and tilt back and forth to track the sun.
  • Satellite dish can spin 360 degrees.
  • Charge table can tilt back and forth as needed.
  • Charge dish can lower and raise as needed.
  • Transformation station can open and close to access the minifigure inside.


  • Four minifigures. One mad scientist, two plant guys, and a fly guy.
  • The mad scientist's apprentice and her robot.
  • Many minifigure accessories like forks, mugs, tools, etc.(see most in pictures)

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Happy Building.


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