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El Dorado Match

'Miguel nad Tulio! Tulio and Miguel! Mighty and powerful gods!'

Building describes one of the most famous scenes of animation 'Road to El Dorado' wherein protagonist are trying to win a game. Smaller building presents a little part of a wall with a golden circle. In the plot, Miguel and Tulio must flip a brown ball through this circle. The biggest part of my idea is this building in characteristic El Dorado style. Looks like a temple, with multiple stairs. Originally, this building occurs in scene, but it's customized to LEGO form and scale.
This Idea could be a Lego set, because we didn't see this kind of sets for many years. It has a spirit of old Lego Indiana Jones sets, wchich everyone loves so much, but its more colourful. The colours and shape was the most important for me, as a disagner. Originally it was a simple, geometric building, but I was trying to make it more interesting and textural. We need to remember, it's El Dorado - City of Gold, so there is a few golden accents. The main construction looks good as a decoration on shelf, but we can also try to play with it.For example, we can try to flip a little round element through the circle. After match, Miguel and Tulio can back to their room, which is located inside the temple. I took a place from a different scenes and put it inside the main building. Inside we have ornamented walls, pool and a lot of gold, which Chel, Tulio and Miguel want to take away from El Dorado.

Set includes 6 minifigures: Tulio, Miguel, Chel, Chief Tannabok, Tzekel-Kan and Cortez. Consist of 1314 elements.

I am polish artist, who loves cinema and licensed LEGO product. I'm so sorry for all mistakes.

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