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Survivor Tribal Council


One of my favorite T.V shows of all time is Survivor! Survivor maroons a group of strangers, called castaways, on a tropical island or some other isolated location. They are divided up into tribes, and then have to figure out how to survive in these extreme conditions with meager supplies. Every couple of days, the castaways participate in challenges, either for reward or immunity. Reward challenges give the winning tribe special items that will help them out, such as feasts, tools, and comfort items. The winners of immunity challenges save the tribe from having to go Tribal Council, and the other tribe has to go. At tribal council, one castaway is voted out of the game by their fellow tribe mates, whether it be because they were to weak, to big of a threat, or something else. My project idea is a lego version of Tribal Council!

This approximately 1,200 piece set contains many key details, such as the castaways torches, a central fire, jury seating, a voting area, and many plant details. I have included six minifigures: The host, Jeff Probst, and five of the greatest survivor castaways of all time- Parvati Shallow, Jonny Fairplay, Boston Rob Mariano, Ozzy Lusth, and Russell Hantz. 

I love the idea of a line of Survivor sets and I hope you will too! Keep your torch lit!

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