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Space Police Cruiser (Lilo & Stitch Design)


Zoom Around in the Galaxy with your very own Space police cruiser!
fight crime and secure space accordingly! - or Jump into light speed using its on-board control panel to a different part of empty space!

Inspired by the design of the red space police cruiser in the movie Lilo & Stitch,- where Stitch escapes his capture, and chased with a lot of police cruisers, I've come up with a more standard black and white police cruiser (mainly due to insufficient red bricks)

It captures many of the physical details of the original red police cruiser, such as the sirens, front grille of the spaceship and the control panel - though this ship has its own unique look, drawing inspiration from classic cars (on earth). 

It is also packed with play features such as retractable laser guns that come out of the bottom of the ship (laser guns also fire) and limited articulation of the engine boosters.


  • Bottom Hatch Opens revealing laser guns (just like in the movie)
  • Lasers rotate 360 degrees, fire green studs and is retractable and hides inside the ship
  • cockpit hatch opens revealing control panel (fits a minifig)
  • engines bend and twist (limited twist articulation - just like in the movie)
  • black and white color scheme 
  • 9.25/10 - swooshability

Improvements (not shown due to the lack of bricks - and the galactic economy):

  • would be better if it came with a police minifig & Stitch in orange prison print (not shown due to lack of minifig)
  • red color scheme
  • blue chair inside cockpit 
  • front 4289534 should be 4159543


It comes with certain parts that are great for use in MOC building

  • Set includes a ton of gray angle slopes (from the engine boosters)  - more than the millennium falcon set
  • Set includes lots of Element number 4113231


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