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Ultimate Air Ambulance


Say hello to the most realistic Lego air ambulance ever made! 

To make this happen, I had to visit the nearby air ambulance base several times. Thankfully, they loved my project and really wanted to help me out. The pilots gave me serious insights in the technical aspects of the helicopter, especially the rotorhead, turbines, gearbox and different controls sticks. They showed me lots of schematics and explained about the engineering. The doctors showed me all the medical equipment and cabin arrangement. The HEMS crew emember filled in the blanks. Together they gave lot´s of knowledge about a modern helicopter. To really understand and feel how everything workes, they took me out flying several times (that was fun). The result is this helicopter, where every aspect of the build is based on the real thing.


  • Remote controlled, but obviously not flying
  • Realistic control of the rotor head and the associated control sticks
  • All five doors can be opened/closed
  • Fully decorated and detailed interior with large and flexible cabin space
  • The cabin can be rearranged with different setups, depending on what the patient needs. 

Power Functions

  • 2 remote controls for controlling the rotor head and cockpit controls
  • 2 Infrared receivers
  • 1 Servo motor for roll movement of rotor head and cyclic stick
  • 1 Servo motor for pitch movement of rotor head and cyclic stick
  • 1 Large motor for spinning the main rotor and Fenestron (tail rotor)
  • 1 Medium motor for collective pitch control of rotor head and movement of collective stick
  • 1 Medium motor for future Fenestron pitch control (I might need some help from Lego to improve this one)
  • 4 LED Lights for lighting up the cockpit and cabin

This is my tribute to the flying heroes around the world who saves lives every day. Thank you!

I am very grateful for any support, comments and questions.

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