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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997, became one of the most important games in video game history. It was the first JRPG (japanese role playing game) using 3D technology and a new sound technology that allowed them to create a very elaborated soundtrack that remained relevant to this day.

Also, this was the first Final Fantasy released outside of Japan. With anime and manga increasing its popularity, this game became a cultural phenomenon in the entire world. Nowadays, the game is still popular and modern versions of the original videogame are being released.

But technology or context is not what made this game so great. First time I played it, I fell in love with the world and, especially, the characters. There aren't too many video games that can play with your emotions this hard, but this is one of them. Probably the best one I've played in this aspect.

I always use LEGO as a medium to represent the things I like. I think it's a nice way to show people how I see them, what I like about them, and why I do. So, I thought I really needed to create something about Final fantasy VII.

It isn't easy to represent the massive world of Final Fantasy VII. The map of the videogame consists of an actual world map, with different cities and an impressive number of locations and vehicles. But I had a very clear idea of the elements and characters I wanted to include.

First, I built a base resembling an old video game console. Usually, that design consisted of a roundish disk door in the center and different interactive buttons in the corners. So, the idea is to use a grey rectangular base with elements from the video game instead of the disk door and the buttons.

The main build of the model is at the center, and it's a micro scale model of Midgar, the city where the story begins. The city of Midgar consists of two different levels: The bottom level, the ground, that I build using dark orange and medium nougat bricks to create a round shape to represent it. And the top level, an octagonal shape made of light and dark grey using a lot of greebling elements.

I included micro scale versions of the most iconic locations from the videogame version of Midgar, like the Shinra building, the Wall Market, Aerith's church with the yellow flowers and her home, and Tifa's Seventh Heaven.

Around this model of Midgar, I built four 8x8 round bases displaying some moments of the videogame.

Bottom left you can see Cloud Strife, an ex-SOLDIER (agent of Shinra) and the main character of the video game with his Buster Sword riding the Hardy Daytona motorcycle.

Bottom right is Aerith, Red XIII and a chocobo. Chocobos are giant galliform birds used as means of transport. They have been part of pretty much every video game in the series, not only FF VII.

Top right is Tifa and Barret, members of Avalanche (a group against Shinra) fighting one of Shinra's machines, the Airbuster.

And in the top left you can find Sephirot and old hero and a former SOLDIER, on top of a 8x8 dark tank circle with fire to represent the Meteor.

I really tried my best to create a love letter in LEGO form to Final Fantasy VII, and I hope that the fans of not only Final Fantasy VII, but videogames, will see it that way.

Thank you for your time and appreciation!

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