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Polynesia Vacation


Polynesia Vacation - A piece of paradise

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Welcome to the South Pacific where breathtaking sceneries will embark you on a blissful journey and make your dream vacation come true. Discover a site with soaring backdrops filled with luxuriant vegetation and diversified fauna.

The Resort

First things first! Fly to a private island and around your resort, admire the mountain view and its waterfall. Get ready to explore the site once you have settled and checked in.

Your Overwater Villa

A luxurious French Polynesian overwater Villa equipped with a wide glass floor inside for a sneak peak at the sea floor, exotic reef fish, colorful corals and even an octopus! All rooms provide expansive and panoramic views on the ocean. Equipped with a private plunge pool, dock, swing and ambience lights on the balcony, the Villa is cozy and will make your stay most comfortable and relaxing. Open the side wall and remove the natural thatch roofs to get full access to the interiors.

Beach Life

Have the time of your life with all sorts of water and land activities around the site:

Kayaking, Windsurfing, Jet Skiing, Hiking, Treasure Hunting, Zip Lining, Snorkeling, Underwater Encounters such as Swimming with Sharks and Fishing are only some of the exciting activities waiting for you.

Please let me know what you think, every comment will be considered to make this a better concept.


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