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Nuclear Throne - The Throne

The Throne is a massive machine from the video game Nuclear Throne. The game is rated E10+. The goal of the game is to defeat the massive robotic Throne and sit on it. In the universe of the game, those who sit on the throne are granted a wish. Once you begin fighting the Throne, it transforms into a robot with a terrifying beam! In the set, the Throne is built as normal, with a small gap in the center where a desired attachment is added, whether that be the staircase or the beam. When transforming into the robotic form, multiple articulated legs are attached to either side of the throne bed, and colorful flames can be snapped onto the large pipes jutting out of the throne bed.
I built this because I believe the Nuclear Throne game has a great deal of potential for sets, including custom Minifigures, Minifigure items and sets. This set in particular is likely the most recognizable from the Nuclear Throne could appealing to children who are not familiar with the game. I constructed this using the official Lego Digital Designer program, using conventional pieces and methods that would be both possible and simple to construct in real life. I believe the Throne in particular is appealing for children because the set transforms into a robot with relative ease. It is also a nice collectable for fans of the game.

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