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LEGO Beast Quest: The Enchanted Grove


My LEGO® Set, the “Enchanted Grove”, is an area taken from the video game "Beast Quest", in its turn adapted from a british series of books of the same name. It's composed of 569 pieces. There are 4 minifigures: the wizard Aduro, the boy-knight Tom and two Pirates Piranha, which in the game are enemies. Hidden behind the bush, there's a handle that when pulled, through a mechanism, moves the rock wall showing a hidden gem. In the grove there are several palm trees, a coconut (that the game allows you to regain lives) and a crab (in the game, when you tap it, magically appear some coins). It's especially the exclamation point on the rocks: in the game reports that there's something to do in that area. I think that this could be a nice LEGO set, because:
- In the world, especially in Britain, there are many fans of the books of Beast Quest or it game;
-The environments of Beast Quest lend themselves well to being reproduced in LEGO;
-The functions, the same as the video game, allow an experience of fantastic game play for the little ones;
-The sets are beautiful to see.

For this reason I thought I'd upload my set on LEGO Ideas: I hope to have luck, because I'd like to see a Beast Quest LEGO set!

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