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Meat Market


This modular meat market would be the perfect addition to any lego city. Lego produces so many wonderful food elements and this building is the perfect way to display many of them. The building on the left is the butcher shop with an apartment above for the butcher and the building on the right is a town house.

These two buildings follow the same format as the official modular buildings produced by Lego and are connected to each other with two technic pins. They can be disconnected from each other and added to your other modulars buildings in what ever fashion you see fit. 

The inspiration for the style of these two buildings came from the canal houses in Amsterdam. I have always really liked the style of architecture that comes from that part of the world. I love their tall narrow facades that are always so ornately decorated. I think that these two buildings really capture the look and will fit in perfectly with the many other modular buildings produced by lego.

The two buildings together come to a piece count of 2386.  




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