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Moai Expedition - Chess Set


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This is my UCS chess set for both display and play purposes.
This is a scene where expeditors are exploring the island and discovering the Moai.
But guess what? The hidden two tribal Moai statues are on a secured hilltop confronting each other to protect the island and the people of the Rapa Nui.
Like other UCS sets, I have included a short description board with 5 Minifigures (including the small Moai). One local tribal Minifigure is peeking behind one of the Moai watching the expeditors climbing up the hill.
I have used black and tan bricks to increase the mysterious vibe and enhance the sophistication level of the set for display and a sprinkle of green plant bricks neutralizes and adds an extra flavor to the island setting.
I believe this would make a great LEGO set because...
It is playful,
it looks cool enough to display in your living room,
it definitely has a story.

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