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Panzer project : Ifrit

Here is a new construction of a monster robot created by Emerson Tung and inspired by Pacific Rim :
Feet, knees, hips, arms, handful, torso and shoulders are articulated in order to give the robot, all kinds of positions! cockpit and missile launchers toggle backwards in order to release the pilot minifigure.
The barrel of the gun arm rotates too!

Panzer Project Designation "Ifrit"
Panzer Mark 2
Height: 300 '
Weight: 2,750 tons
Ifrit is much more than icts fellow Heavily armored Panzers, and aussi features much more advanced and heavy weaponry. We icts right arm is a heavy ion collider cannon, housing a miniature particle accelerator, smashing together to generate unimaginable Atoms Amounts of power and heat, channeling it down a magnetic chamber and firing off the superheated superfluid like a gigantic shotgun. Ifrit's cannon aussi Constantly primed and charging, Allowing it to be used at a moment notice, and when to not in active duty, excess wind energy to power the facility That it houses. Ifrit's shoulder mounted missile platforms aussi Have extremely advanced targeting computers, Analysing an enemy's weak spots and targeting em for maximum effect. Ifrit's left arm cannon is a more traditional projectile weapon, similar to Baldur's revolver chambers, fires off slugs aim at extreme velocities, making this one of the deadliest Panzer. When Ifrit runs dry in prolonged combat, His wide cannon arm up and closed the barrel retracts, and he uses Both fists to dedly effect.

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