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Coast Guard Defender class boat (RB-S)

I propose a playable Minifigure-scale model of the 25-foot Coast Guard Defender class boat (RB-S: Response Boat Small). These boats are used primarily for search and rescue, border patrol, and coastal defense. The RB-S would make a wonderful addition to a LEGO City harbor or beach.*

The model features a removable top to allow access to the cabin. On the deck there are two (removable) machine guns, two fire extinguishers, and two life preservers. On the top there is a search light and a megaphone. Ideally the model would include at least two Coast Guard Minifigures with binoculars.** I created the model using LEGO Digital Designer.

Thanks for the comments and support!

*I would be happy for the boat's color scheme to be modified to accord with the LEGO City theme. The original model I designed had an orange hull, a white cabin, a blue flag, red life preservers, and Minifigure torsos with an orange jacket over a blue turtleneck.

**I had to use the mail carrier torso in LDD; I envision the torso as having a red life vest over a navy blue shirt.

Here is a picture of the cabin with the top removed.

This is a photo of an actual U.S. Coast Guard RB-S. The image is from

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