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1+1 High Seas Trading Post

My entry for this contest is a modular high seas trading post that is based on 1+1 design that can resemble:

  • Display 1 (combined baseplates): An integrated trading post with a natural harbour to welcome merchant/seafarers to dock and trade
  • Display 2 (left baseplate): A standalone fortress on the ocean
  • Display 3 (right baseplate): A trading post for merchant ships, seafarers to dock, trade and get refreshment

I built this model physically because I am a big fan of LEGO Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean, Castle and Kingdom themes, and it fits well with my existing LEGO display of such themes with good playability and story line narrative.

I think this is a great set for LEGO Ideas because it allow for flexible display to match many existing LEGO themes (Imperial Navy, Pirates, Kingdom, Castle), good playability (option to combine or to split for story line/diorama display), and continuation of the great modular concept of LEGO!

Hope everyone will support and like this set. Thank you!

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