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Bank from "Twilight Zone" Season 5, Episode 4 "A Kind of Stopwatch"


There is a “Twilight Zone” episode called “A Kind of Stopwatch” about a man who gets a special stopwatch from a drunk in a bar. The drunk gives it to him because he bought him a beer.  The man who now has the watch finds out that it can stop time. He then tries to tell everyone else what the stopwatch can do, but since they are frozen in time, they don’t believe him.  They think he is making it up.  Then he gets an idea to stop time so he can rob the bank while the safe is open. Then he can go in, steal some money, then restart time.  This Lego design captures that moment, frozen in time, as it were. The Lego figure with the “stopwatch” is the main character, and everyone else is frozen.  It has an opening safe and lots of money inside.  It has 400 pieces and four minifigures.  It also has a “banky” color to it.   

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